About Us

Carpe Diem is a noun; pronounced car•pe di•em 'kär-pe-'dē-'em, -'dī-, -'m

True to our name (Carpe Diem means to ‘seize the moment’ in Latin), we are an energetic yet serious organization that is engaged in setting new benchmarks in the human resource industry by pushing the envelope further, innovating and reinventing the set paradigms of service in Talent Acquisition.

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With our specialists and experts at your disposal, you will be able to tackle complex HR issues with ease

Our Services

Our raison d’etre is to create a legacy in Talent Acquisition and set a benchmark of quality based on delivery and excellence
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  • Executive Search
  • Stealth Hiring
  • Leadership Assessment
  • Strategic Transitions Hiring

Functional Practices

Demonstrated success in CXO level hiring across functions
  • Human Resources
  • Financial Officers
  • Information Technology Officers
  • Digital Media Professionals
  • Supply Chain
  • Production & Operations

Industries & Segments

Vertical expertise combined with depth of experience Read More
  • Life Sciences & Healthcare
  • Consumer
  • Industrial
  • Technology & Utilities

What Clients Say

My hiring process was extremely smooth because of Carpe Diem. Pooja was amazingly helpful, coordinated the whole process to perfection, and provided invaluable support and guidance throughout the process. Could not have asked for a better person 🙂

Carpe Diem has been nice throughout our interaction.

I definitely had a very different experience than with any of the previous recruitment partners. The team in Carpe Diem brings a lot of personal touch and emotions into their work. Kudos for keeping the human element alive in all your interactions with me as a candidate.

Pooja and Carpe Diem have played a key role in helping us recruit quality leadership talent. She has a strong ability to match talent to the right companies which fit not just our academic and experience requirements but also have been a strong cultural match.

At the early stages of our company, it was much harder to attract talent, and Pooja has been relentless in helping us do so.

Carpe Diem Resourcing is a recruitment agency far ahead in terms of the quality of services being provided as compared to other agencies we have worked with. Pooja was always responsive to all our requirements throughout the process to search for this very important finance controller role for our company. Really appreciate her efforts to do a thorough research and review of the candidates prior to the interviews which helped us be well prepared and assess better. The entire process was handled by Pooja as if she was working as an extended internal HR team which gave me a lot of comfort as a hiring manager. We cannot recommend them enough.

Carpe Diem was a great help throughout the entire recruitment process. They were very helpful, supportive and detailed in their brief to me and also empathetic. Their guidance were really useful. The knowledge Carpe Diem had about the company, it’s management and products was of much value and their team is highly professional and dedicated. I would like to thank Carpe Diem for all the guidance and support until my on boarding.

Carpe Diem isn’t like any ordinary recruitment agency that purely acts as an intermediary between the candidate and hiring company. They were highly responsive and supportive during the whole procedure of my new job with a health care company in Hyderabad and had connected with me all through the procedure. Carpe Diem caught up with calls regularly with me throughout to guarantee a smooth procedure before joining the company and I should state I am extremely happy by their personal touch.

Carpe Diem Resourcing was helpful during my entire journey as a candidate, right from explaining about the role and expectations to eventually joining the company. It was amazing to see the fast turn around on all the processes as well as any clarification sought.

Their concern is not just limited to the placement, but is directed towards long term career success for the candidate.

I had a great experience in interacting with Pooja and her team. They not only were able to share the exact role expectation were also helpful in providing critical information required to take a decision regarding the role at offer. They were very forthcoming in accommodating all my request during my interaction with them regarding the meeting / discussion sessions with the organization under consideration.

Their constant communication and information sharing kept the interest alive, in spite of some delay in communication from the concerned organization. I thoroughly enjoyed my interaction with the team and the way in which they managed to put across my expectations with their client. 

Thanks Carpe Diem for the wonderful experience.

Let’s start with results. The Carpe Diem team was instrumental in getting us the best possible hire for our defined role, company culture, and budget…period. They work on a true partnership model, taking the time to understand the company vision and culture before carefully researching and presenting candidates. Mature, methodical, professional, and well informed team that knows what they are doing. We would definitely work with Pooja and her team again.

Carpe Diem was an extremely, focused and committed, partner during my recent search for a new role. As I proceeded through each stage of the selection process, I experienced that Carpe Diem’s attention to detail, strategic thinking, selection capability and responsiveness helped the organization get the true insight of me as a candidate and as a person. The team in Carpe Diem also ensured that I was introduced to this organization only when there was complete sync in my personal aspirations and the opportunity. Today, the assignment is proving to be a bliss as I find alignment between my goals and the organization’s vision. I would recommend Carpe Diem to candidates who are looking for the right organization to grow with.

We look forward to a long-term association with Carpe Diem Resourcing. They have successfully achieved 100% closure of multiple positions for us in our leadership team for our start-up organisation. That too, within a stipulated time period. We wish them the very best for all their future endeavors and are sure to continue our association with Carpe Diem!

Partnering with Carpe Diem Resourcing was an absolute pleasure. With an extremely professional approach they were diligent in understanding the candidate’s experience and skillsets and were able to offer the correct advice at every stage. Not only have they helped me in finding a great opportunity , but have gone the extra mile to make sure that I am comfortable and well informed at every stage of the recruiting process and beyond. Would be happy to recommend Carpe Diem Resourcing to my friends and partners.

The experience of interacting with Carpe Diem Resourcing has been quite a pleasure. Carpe Diem Resourcing has been very professional and methodical right from beginning while they introduce the company and the role to you till the time they complete the process of recruitment. CPDR as an organisation, walks you through the entire process of recruitment right till onboarding and literally offers ‘more than recruitment’ as their portfolio, the entire experience was really delightful to say the least.

People at CARPE DIEM RESOURCING have been very professional and approachable in their interactions through out the process. They made efforts to keep the entire process smooth and solved any queries, that I had, quickly. What I liked most about them was that they kept the candidate’s satisfaction at high importance. Overall I am very satisfied with CPDR.

Carpe Diem Resourcing professionals are outstanding folks.. They have guided me through out my interview process with utmost sincerity and honesty. Insights provided were awesome, timely and very helpful to prepare well for the interviews. Very approachable and responsible towards candidates they place.

Thanks a lot for your good wishes. My first day at office was fantastic and I am really excited to be a part of my new organization. I believe there are some exciting things that I will be working on and therefore, the adrenalin rush has already begun.I also need to put on record that the engagement of the CPDR team was fantastic throughout. As a Candidate, there are so many questions and doubts that play on your mind while you are considering a job change and that too while you are making an industry switch. However, the CPDR team was available for at every juncture and on most occasions, they pre-empted my questions and doubts and helped me with the decision making process. I also, appreciate the fact that the CPDR team were forthright in their interaction with me. I was also amazed with their information, knowledge and views about the industry and start-up organizations especially with inputs about the client organisation that was meant to be a heads-up to help my transition. In short, I would like to say that this is perhaps the best pre-joining experience I had so far and I really thank the CPDR team for the same. Having experienced the engagement myself, I believe CPDR is a true Talent Acquisition partner in every sense. Looking forward to be in touch

Carpe Diem Resourcing are thorough professionals – working with you at every step, getting an in depth understanding of you as well as the Client’s requirements. They are ever ready to give valuable feedback to achieve your goals and the most appreciated fact is that they build relations rather than be just a transactional source. Carpe Diem Resourcing are extremely passionate about what they do and are very involved with whom they meet.

I take great pleasure in writing a recommendation for Carpe Diem Resourcing. I know the company for the past 1 year and have tapped its specialization in Executive search on many occasions. The company has always come up with well-timed and within budget results. CPDR professionals here take great pride in their work. They stand out in understanding the requirement and provide the right fit at the very first instance. They have expertise in managing the candidates and hand-holding them till they are comfortably settled in their role. The company is an outstanding support in leadership hiring. I wish the organization all the success in future, as well.

CPDR professionals came across as committed, result oriented experts on a big hiring assignment that we worked on. They tried their level best to know in detail regarding our organization and its requirement for every role. Also, they worked consistently with the business, the HR function and their own team to help hire top quality experts from all over the nation in a defined time-frame for us.

Carpe Diem Resourcing professionals have outstanding CRM skills. An executive helped me and guided me throughout my interview process. She took my opinion at each stage of my interview and enlightened me with her insights on the same. The best part with her is that I can reach out to her anytime for her sound advice and guidance.

Carpe Diem Resourcing professionals manifest great dedication towards their work. Putting attention to detail and fast execution of a project is what their work style is made up of. They come up with the results that are sustainable and valued enough to compel one to come back to their company for more.

Pooja and the Carpe Diem Team are the shining stars for senior personnel hiring. Pooja starts the process in a very friendly way, understands the motivation, explains the role and acts in a very consultative way before presenting the candidate to the company. She is available throughout the process (and beyond) to help and clarify any doubts during the entire exercise. Working with Carpe Diem and Pooja has been one of the most amazing experience of my professional life.

I want to thank Carpediem for all their support- the 1:1 chat before the interview was really helpful. They spent a good amount of time understanding my skills before recommending me. I really appreciated their advice, interview tips and constructive feedback along the process. They were very professional, efficient, friendly and always approachable. They kept me informed throughout the process and I’ll always remember the day when Pooja called to convey the good news. I can’t recommend them enough.

Senior Associate placed in the Investing team of a blue chip VC Fund
Candidate placed a Business Head for a Health Tech company
Co-Founder of a Health Tech Company
Senior Director Finance of a leading Fintech company in the lending space
HR head placed in a Health Tech company
Product Marketing Head in a Health Technology
Business Head at a leading FinTech
CHRO placed in a leading Engineering Organization in India
Head of Product for a market leader in the MPOS space
Candidate placed as VP People Practices in an IT Product Company
Founder & CEO of leading E Commerce Company in the home décor space
Candidate placed as Head of Last Mile in a leading E-Commerce company
Candidate placed as a COO in a Healthcare company
Candidate placed as the Head of Supply Chain for a leading Ecommerce company
Director Finance recently placed in a blue chip Venture Capital Fund
Global Head of HR in an IT Product Company
Carpe Diem Resourcing
Carpe Diem Resourcing
CPDR Professionals
CRM Skills
Carpe Diem Resourcing
Partner in a blue chip VC fund
Analyst placed in a blue chip VC fund