Carpe Diem is a noun; pronounced car•pe di•em 'kär-pe-'dē-'em, -'dī-, -'m

True to our name (Carpe Diem means to ‘seize the moment’ in Latin), we are an energetic yet serious organization that is engaged in setting new benchmarks in the human resource industry by pushing the envelope further, innovating and reinventing the set paradigms of service in Talent Acquisition.

Our Vision

While Organisations Grow Their Businesses, We Build Their Leadership Teams

Our Differentiators

Seize the day true to the spirit of Carpe Diem! We believe in wasting no time in setting benchmarks in human resource acquisition and build long-lasting partnerships with our brand-enhancing clients.

  • We are partners in your business; not merely vendors
  • We build relationships; not revenues
  • We understand your business; not only your brief
  • We specialize and operate across multiple industry verticals; not only one
  • We commence work only when we understand your business and its requirements
  • We prepare a value-added brief for your candidates to also understand your company better
Our Value Proposition

We ensure that square cogs are not fitted into round holes as that causes organizational damage which impacts business negatively.

We understand who you are and then find the right fit culturally.

Our Foundation

At Carpe Diem, we believe that knowledge is truth! We are a ‘learning organization’ that is always in the pursuit of relevant as well as impactful knowledge. This forms the core of our delivery excellence. We believe that intellectual capital, which is at the heart of our expertise and service is also immensely crucial to the health of an organization and is an undeniable growth driver.

‘Knowledge’ is a word, which we apply at every stage in our delivery. This adds an edge to our delivery experience!

Our Strength

We are strengths-based recruitment and development experts.

We identify the ‘DNA’ of the great performers your organization needs. We understand their cultural fitment to ensure that there is a smooth alignment between both.

This is your opportunity to select the best talent, turbo-charge engagement with potential Talent Pool and get ahead of the competition.

Our Service Portfolio

Nucleus Profile on each candidate allowing you to understand ‘what makes them tick’

Continuous engagement with candidates who have shown an interest in your organization

Harvesting referrals as well as capturing passive candidates from your network both online as well as offline.

A Crafted Information Dossier set, which ensures that the right information gets disseminated in specifically focused talent communities for maximum positive impact

At Carpe Diem, we pride ourselves
on knowing more

About Candidates

We reach the ‘NUCLEUS’ of our candidates by removing all the layers of their experience and environment. Our expertise lies in our ability to decipher what lies beneath ‘the obvious’.

About Clients

Sectoral knowledge built through constant rigor and discipline achieved by harnessing the power of our network is applied to each Executive Search mandate that we practice. This ‘heightens’ our clients’ experience and builds the right messaging about them in their sector.

About Advancing Ourselves

Improving our precision, adding to our delivery skills and creating enhanced ways of engaging with our clients (our customers and our candidates), keeps us ‘on our toes’.

Discretion is our Anthem

Owing to the level of confidentiality of our work, we go to great lengths to sustain a very high degree of discretion in every communication that we have.