Global Head of HR in an IT Product Company

By November 8, 2017

Thanks a lot for your good wishes. My first day at office was fantastic and I am really excited to be a part of my new organization. I believe there are some exciting things that I will be working on and therefore, the adrenalin rush has already begun.I also need to put on record that the engagement of the CPDR team was fantastic throughout. As a Candidate, there are so many questions and doubts that play on your mind while you are considering a job change and that too while you are making an industry switch. However, the CPDR team was available for at every juncture and on most occasions, they pre-empted my questions and doubts and helped me with the decision making process. I also, appreciate the fact that the CPDR team were forthright in their interaction with me. I was also amazed with their information, knowledge and views about the industry and start-up organizations especially with inputs about the client organisation that was meant to be a heads-up to help my transition. In short, I would like to say that this is perhaps the best pre-joining experience I had so far and I really thank the CPDR team for the same. Having experienced the engagement myself, I believe CPDR is a true Talent Acquisition partner in every sense. Looking forward to be in touch

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